We have the ability to create homes!

Land Claim!

Claim sections of land to protect it!

So Much More!

We offer so many more hidden gems, and a great community!

What is BlockHeads?

We are a 100% 1.16 server, running on dedicated hardware so you will experience the least lag possible. We believe in making the vanilla playstyle our own, and have implemented things like sethome/home and even land claiming to help you protect your builds.

We run a number of small modifications (using datapacks, to keep us vanilla), to enhance the game and make it more enjoyable. We also have experienced, friendly staff to make sure everything runs well.

Because we use the JAR file, straight from Mojang's themselves, we will always be up-to-date with the latest versions!

Community Driven

At Blockheads, we strive for an interactive and fun community. That said, we do everything we can in game to make our server welcoming to all. We have several options in place to help you communicate and experience the game with others.

We also offer the ability to communicate outside the game! Join our Discord for important announcements, or just to socialize!