Why you should play here

Friendly Community

We pride ourselves on making our community welcome to everyone, and a place where we can celebrate Minecraft and ourselves. We plan on holding frequent events, and to celebrate different milestones as time passes!

Experienced Team

Behind the wheel is a knowledgeable and experienced owner, who has successfully run two top rated servers. Behind them is key staff who share the same vision and goal as them.

Vanilla Playstyle

If you're looking for a vanilla server, that focuses on the player and community experience, this is the server for you.

Who we are!



Robified brings a wealth of knowledge, with being a server builder, and system administrator. He has helped several servers optimize their servers, and coded plenty of custom datapacks to build them out - including this server!



cvBon is a long time friend of Robified, who helps cover while he's out. She can be found creeping around from time to time...

More Staff?


While we are looking for staff, Robified picks them out from consistent players who show they are willing to help and support others. The #1 rule for getting a staff role, is to not ask to be staff.

Contact Us

Send us your ideas, wishes and more. We will answer as soon as possible

You can call us between 12:00 and 19:00

  • Discord: link here later
  • ideas@myserver.com