No rule lawyering:
- We simply can't cover everything in one list. So, staff are trusted to make the right call.
- If something isn't on the list and/or you choose to debate staff with your interpretations, you may be banned.
- For any actual complaints/concerns/questions, bring it up to BHA directly in Discord.

Be respectful:
- Pretty simple. Don't attack, bully, or provoke players. If they ask you to stop, then stop.

Be mindful of chat:
- We are generally very relaxed in what goes on in chat, but if staff asks you to stop a specific conversation or topic, please listen.
- While we do allow swearing, excessive use or using those words against another player is not allowed. If you are warned by staff, listen.
- Spamming chat is also not allowed. Don't do it.
- Public chat is English-only - this is so players, especially staff, can understand what's going on in chat at all times.

No hate speech:
- We have zero tolerance for hate speech. This includes offensive skins, builds, signs, messages, etc. You will be banned, and offensive content removed.

No advertising:
- Don't advertise other servers in any way. This includes in whispers. You will be banned.

No asking for staff/ranks/admin:
- We pride ourselves on picking people who are genuinely interested in maintaining the community, and have proven to be a good player. Asking for staff or admin is super annoying to everyone, especially the admins.
- Don't ask for YouTube or any kind of special rank. We don't have them.
- Don't try to say you're from Planet Minecraft - the staff are very much aware of that ploy.

TPA requests:
- While we allow TPA so friends can join other friends, do not randomly attempt to TPA to people so you can join them.
- Do not bug them about teaming up - many players just want to play alone.
- TPA killing IS allowed, so only accept requests from players you know and trust.

No hacking:
- We have zero tolerance for hacking. This includes using x-ray texture packs, mods (Optifine is fine), or hacked clients.
- Scripts are not allowed.
- Alternate accounts of any banned player will also be banned.

No game glitches:
- Don't use game glitches. This includes (but not limited to) nether roof travel (you will be instantly removed), and any form of item duping.

Don't spawn kill:
- Don't kill players at .spawn at all, or at their spawn point repeatedly.

- Griefing is tolerated but frowned upon.
- If you are griefed, there is nothing staff can do. You are given tools and recommendations to avoid it.
- Looting is allowed, so be sure to follow the recommendations below to avoid it.

Spawn Rules:
- Don't grief spawn. It's reset on every restart, anyway.
- Do not build within 1000 blocks of spawn - otherwise your build will get removed.
- Attempting to place lava/tnt near spawn will automatically put you in jail for 5 minutes.
- Don't harass players in spawn.

Build Rules:
- Nothing offensive in nature.
- No overworld gold farms, or any other massive farms. They cause a lot of lag, and everyone suffers as a result.
- Keep your entities low. You can check this by hitting F3, look for E: ##/##. Ensure the second number is below 300. If it's not, kill some mobs, or remove paintings/armor stands/item frames/etc or pick up loose items.
- Don't harass players in spawn.

Land Claims/Chest Protection:
- We want to make it abundently clear that datapacks in vanilla Minecraft aren't perfect.
- Land claims are meant to serve as an additional layer of protection only. If your base still manages to get griefed, then build out further.
- Chest Protection follows the same as above. It isn't perfect, so follow additional recommendations below.

* Everyone is treated equally. If you are a regular player, or even donate: if you break the rules, you'll be banned. Rules are subject to change at any time.


- Build over 1000 blocks from spawn. Placing a crafting table or chest within the limits will notify you in chat.
- Travel far out to better protect your base. The further, the better.
- Only invite people you know and trust to your base.
- Use land claims & chest protection whenever possible to further protect yourself.
- Always store the things you absolutely cannot live without in ender chests.
- Ender chests provide you an inventory that NO one else can access.
- If space is tight in the ender chest, use shulker boxes to store items and then store those in the ender chest.