Server Specs


We use the powerful Ryzen line to power your experience. With high clock speeds, built on a 7nm process, the Ryzen line was a no brainer.


We use a substantial amount of RAM to power the server. While we have 32GB in total, we use 15GB for the server. This provides ample amount of RAM, allowing the (also optimized) garbage collector to run less often, which means less lag for you. Higher amounts for the server is a point of diminishing return, so we use the rest for other things like the webserver, and testing servers.


We use dual NVMe drives in RAID, so we *never* have to worry about slow loading times, or hard drive bottlenecks. This is as fast as it comes (while still making some sense)!

* Note: As the server grows, and things can improve, we will always move to better hardware - budget allowing!

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